Duke City Fix

French pastries almost never have anything to do with high-speed police chases.

But I'm equally roused by the fact that both crossed my path today.

By Chantal


 French Pastry in the Strangest of Places: 4th Street Downtown

          La Quiche recently opened up in the 4th street mall between Copper and Tijeras. It's an obscure location, but the most amazing surprise. I'm officially convinced La Quiche serves up the most authentic French pastries in the burgeoning city called Albuquerque. No offense to Paris Bakery or French Corner ( my former favorite), or Flying Star, but the pastries at La Quiche are both: beautiful, refined

          Unabashedly, I love them. I've actually nibbled a French tart or quiche (they have 8 quiche varieties too) nearly every day since discovering La Quiche. Everything from blueberry almond tart to mango flan to pine nut tart to a delicately pungent lemon tart. As for the quiche, I've tried Quiche Lorraine and a blue cheese walnut one. I like 'em cold (or toasted, but not microwaved).